APA members now produce work that, while it may have a film element, is not only film. Experiential, virtual reality, augmented reality, 360 video, interactive posters, websites for product launches are examples.

We want to give APA members creating interactive and experiential work a platform to promote their expertise, that doesn’t currently exist. We have seen from UK advertisers and from International events that there is a huge appetite for this type of work among clients and agencies and that there is a huge market for experiential and interactive work and ensuring the world knows of the expertise in London, among APA members is an opportunity we want to develop to its full potential.

This work isn’t eligible for the APA Show Collection, which is about film only (whether for TV, the internet or any screen) so we created the IDEAS Awards. A brand new awards scheme celebrating the very best work in interactive and experiential advertising by APA members.

The IDEAS are showcased in our annual event ‘Future of Advertising’ featuring the top ten interactive or experiential productions from APA members. The IDEAS will then be seen at events around the world, promoting the skills and expertise of APA members who work in this area.

IDEAS Awards