The APA has, with considerable success, helped it’s members access new markets abroad.

Helping you create links

We create events to do just that, on the premise that many of our members are interested in them but lack, in the most part, the recourse to research them and start to create links on their own. Those events saw APA delegations from our membership accompany us to the following events we created in Tokyo (2004), Shanghai (2007), Beijing (2009), Mumbai (2011), Silicon Valley (2013), Shanghai (2015) and Seoul (2017) amongst many others. Search our archive linked below for more reports on these trade trips and many more ad hoc events around the world.

Our wider network

We also manage the CFPE (Commercial Film Producers of Europe) the federation of European producers associations. Its members are the commercials producers associations of 15 countries and, through them, the production companies represented by those associations. The CFPE strives to ensure that production across Europe is contracted and conducted professionally and organises an annual conference for all its members as well as two events each year in Cannes with the AICP (Association of Independent Commercial Producers for the United States), the Young Directors Award, which is the biggest fringe event at the Cannes Advertising Festival and the World Producers Summit, which brings together producers from around the planet to share intelligence about threats and opportunities for the entire commercials production business.

Overseas Events