Mental health varies by individual and in most cases you may be unable to tell that your closest friend, family or colleague member is suffering.

Mental health can impact heavily on an individual’s performance at work and within their own personal life, with it being estimated that poor mental health costs UK employers up to £33bn-£42bn each year.

(Monitor Deloitte-Mental Health and Employers: The Case for Investment)

Below is the APA’s official ‘Wellbeing Directory’ aimed at supporting our members, their employees, MD’s and owners.

We have teamed up with a mixture of companies that offer wellbeing services that you can implement within your company, along with independent registered therapists, councillors, life coaches, plus recommendations on effective self-help techniques and methods.

When contacting any of the companies below, please quote the APA and they will tailor the service to your company’s needs, size & budget. 

Accredited bodies



We are the UK’s largest independent organisation of therapists who identify as Black, African, South Asian and Caribbean.

Our primary focus and area of expertise is to support people from these heritages. However, we are open to other People of Colour who are affected by prejudice due to the colour of their skin and global white power.

Our overall goal is the individual and collective processing of our inner experiences for the benefit of ours and other communities, and to give a voice to a ‘black empathic approach’ in therapy and therapy education. As a body, we seek to influence the integration of this approach into mainstream psychotherapy training, literature and practice. We also encourage other organisations to work with us and support our work.

Members of the public can search for a BAATN member therapist by clicking here.The contact details of each therapist is available on their profile. 

Health Assured

Health Assured (provider of the Employee Assistance Programme) is the UK and Ireland’s most trusted health and wellbeing network. Their services cover individual users, employees and their family members. Their services range from: 24/7 support helpline-available 365 days, structured counselling, stress management, work/life balance, post-trauma support, bullying & harassment and much more. Click here for more information

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Direct contact: Adam Derbyshire

Mind Charity

Mind charity has been established since 1946 as the national association for mental health. They provide support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem and they believe that everyone should be able to access excellent care and services.

Action plans & advice: 

Mental Health A-Z directory

Mental Health At work-resources & tool kits

Mind guide for employees-wellness action plans  |  Mind guide for line managers-wellness action plans

How to support your staff-who are experiencing mental health problems

How to manage your wellbeing while furloughed

Mindfulness in the workplace

Mindfulness in the Workplace is the mental and physical wellbeing specialist, providing health programmes to workplaces around the UK. We are a leading provider of on-site stress management and full-service employee mental health services focusing on awareness, prevention and remedy that help to keep employees healthy, productive, focused and creative. These include a wide range of mental, nutritional and physical wellbeing sessions, programmes and training courses all delivered at your offices.

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Direct contact: Nicholas Winfield

More Happi

More Happi delivers inclusive, transformational coaching that provides equal opportunity to all.

From £7.99 per person/per mth, each employee can access two one-to-one, online coaching sessions on any topic – work, self, relationships, parenting + purpose, giving them space for positive mental health and their own self development.

Clients include small and large brands – trusted by Friends of the Earth, Nike, The Modern House, Blue Ventures, Pact Coffee, Daye, DoNation, YuLife and many more. Coaches rated 4.75/5.

“We’ve had incredible feedback and can’t recommend them enough to any organisation that cares about nurturing and supporting their team in all aspects of their life.” Friends of the Earth, Miriam Turner and Hugh Knowles, Co-CEOs,

“More Happi has been an excellent investment so far.We have had great feedback from the team and they have deeply appreciated this commitment to their growth and development.”Sam Fromson, COO / Co-Founder, YuLife


NABS is the support organisation for advertising and media and its mission is to help those working in the sector to thrive in their career.

It is funded by the industry for the industry.

Any individual can access the services below free via NABS:

  • Confidential and tailored advice from the NABS Advice Line
  • Access to the NABS Knowledge Hub, created at the onset of the pandemic
  • Charitable grants and upskilling assistance (means tested)
  • Up to three sessions of one to one career coaching 
  • Referral for a range of therapies to support mental health
  • Access to Masterclasses and Speed Mentoring sessions 
  • Opportunities for one to one mentoring with the NABS 100 Club
  • Working Parents Events – recently we ran Parenting through the Pandemic
  • Talks on mindfulness, creative resilience, sound baths

The best way to get involved is to sign up to the NABS newsletter here:  

National Breavement Partnership-COVID19

This platform exists to provide a platform for practical services, support and information to all those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Their highly skilled professionals and volunteers have a deep understanding for grief, loss and the very real anxiety surrounding COVID-19.

The helpline is open 7 days a week 7am-10pm.

Pink Therapy

Pink Therapy hosts the UK’s largest directory of therapists working with the LGBTQ+ communities.  

The majority are now working online through encrypted video links and many offer sliding scales for people on low incomes where possible.

Access the website from a laptop and consult the Directory of Pink Therapists on the below. 


ReBalance offers tailored training and consulting services for mental health and addiction. They recommend a mental health audit of your business to identify key areas that might need improving. Training is provided for all employees but specifically focused on Heads of Departments and MDs to establish how they can create a healthy and productive environment for their company and be able to identify and manage employees who are struggling.

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Direct contact: Bee Mistry & David Middleburgh


Sanctus creates safe spaces for people to talk about mental health. They do this online, in their community and within the workplace.In the workplace, they partner with businesses to create an open environment where mental health is supported and people can bring their full self to work. This is done through Sanctus Coaching and placing Sanctus Coaches within the work place for 1:1 or group sessions. Click here for more information

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Direct contact: George Bell

Self Space

Self Space a contemporary mental health service offering a good conversation with a qualified person. Since their launch, Self Space have been changing and shaping the culture around accessing mental health support, making it more commonplace, aspirational and something people and companies are proud of. They provide flexible, forward thinking therapy which focuses on supporting people to maintain good mental health and ultimately reach their potential. Open 7 days a week, sessions are booked digitally via their app or website with no long waiting lists. Clients can choose their date, their time and their therapist. Click here for more information. 

Direct contact: Chance Marshall

WorkLife Ergonomics

WLE’s Comfort management programme helps businesses who want to look after the health and wellbeing of their staff by risk assessing their workstations and identifying and managing early on any comfort issues, to prevent them become a bigger problem; unlike the current model which normally only addresses comfort problems in the workplace when they have affected productivity or resulted in time of work.


WLE’s customer team are all experienced Chartered Physiotherapists and are highly skilled at putting in place solutions to minimise the risk of work relevant musculoskeletal disorders and resulting absenteeism.  Your team will recognise and value this investment in their health, which in turn has been shown to result in improved motivation and productivity.

Independent Practitioners

Annalivia Bell

Annalivia Bell-coaching for women in the creative industry. She offers one to one packages for women who want to explore their true potential in life. Build their confidence and manage a work life balance that works for them.

David Cooper | First Avenue Counselling

Having worked in Audio post production for over 35 years, Dave followed his passion for psychology and the workings of the human mind and now provides Counselling and Mentoring to individuals, couples, families and groups.  

Whilst many counselling services are restricted to one style of therapy, as an Integrated Counsellor, Dave offers an holistic service which incorporates a variety of techniques and modalities, uniquely combined to match a client’s presenting issues.  He sees the counselling process as a ‘journey’ which will lead to greater understanding, self-belief and empowerment.

Sessions are available Face2Face or via Zoom, Teams or phone.

Initial Consultations are free and Dave is offering a 25% discount to those from the Production and Advertising Industries throughout 2021.

Innate Wisdom Coaching

Innate Coaching is ran by Athene Parker and her speciality is empowerment through transition. There are key moments in life that have a massive impact on our psychological health, and more often than not, we don’t have the tools at hand to help process the effects. Athene will facilitate your journey of self-discovery, by listening and  asking the right questions. Your sessions will support your journey to develop and flourish.

Kate Delaney

Kate specialises in mindfulness and cognitive therapy.

Her sessions work on quietening down the mind and removing the physical feeling that stress, anxiety and panic causes in the body. Kate offers bespoke 1:1 sessions, workshops ,retreats and video app content for on the go.

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Leading Left

Demanding clients. Decimated budgets. Laughable timings.

It’s enough to make to want to jack it all in and become a mushroom farmer. Only don’t. Because after 20 years as a multi award-winning copywriter and creative director at Wieden + Kennedy, M&C Saatchi, Naked, and Clemenger BBDO, Matt Follows launched Leading Left in 2012 to bridge the gap between what peak performance psychology knew about sustainable high performance, and what business actually does. So if you or your team want to crush it at work without work crushing you, it’s time to pressure proof your brain, declutter your mind, and eliminate the subconscious bulls**t holding you back. 

Free introductory session for serious clients. 

Nicola Huelin

Professional Coach, Mentor & Trainer- Through her brand Success Factory, Nicola offers group coaching programmes to empower leadership and resiliency for women In the Workplace within today’s fast-paced world. Covering 7 main key areas: resiliency, work-life balance, mindset, beliefs, values, personal branding, etc.

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Below are various self-help techniques and advice to help you manage your everyday wellbeing.


Downloadable advice and guidance tackling:

Anxiety,  Depression, Bereavement, Post Natal depression, and much more- CLICK HERE

Get Self Help

Please click on each area below to download effective techniques and methods:

AnxietyAssertiveness | Depression | Pain&Fatigue | Positive Affirmations | Self Esteem | Stress | Motivation | Anger | Mindfulness


Tune In– catalogue of wellness podcasts

One Mind Podcast | Meditation Oasis Podcast | Mindful Minute Podcast

The Pressure Proof Creative Podcast– conversations, tips & no-nonsense advice from creative leaders, CEO’s, performance psychologists, and neuroscientists.

Wellness & Mental Health apps:

Headspace | Wake-up | My Possible Self | What’s Up | Sam |  Stay Alive

Bella Clark

With over 30 years of working in the film industry I know first-hand how the demands of today’s productions effects the mental well-being of MDs, staff and crew.  Through Pranic Therapy techniques I offer daily/hourly packages that helps you and your company:

+ Reduce stress and anxiety

+ Create calmer working environments & productions

+ Enhance focus & mental clarity

+ Increase happiness & moral

+ Increase productivity

Pranic Therapy is a highly evolved and tested non touch  system which improves  physical & psychological health, finances and personal & business relationships.  Simple techniques are used to remove blockages quickly and discreetly with minimal disruption to the individual, office or production.  I work on-site or remotely thereby offering greater flexibility.

To find out more or book a taster session do get in touch.

Yanni Webb

Yanni Webb uses the BodyTalk healing system, an internationally recognised and practiced biofield modality that is part of the cutting edge of modern energy medicine. Whether you’re suffering from a mental or physical problem, BodyTalk can provide you with the necessary tools and insight to help yourself.

If you feel unable to find solutions to a problem or feel frozen from the pain that a mental or a physical affliction is causing, BodyTalk will free you from that feeling of entrapment as well as heal your mind and body.  Sessions begin with talking to Yanni and then you are invited to lie down fully clothed where Yanni will enter into a dialogue with your body.  Then through light holding and tapping healing takes place guiding you towards your innate ability to heal, mend your life and free yourself from pain.

Sentia Therapy

With over 20 years experience in the TV production business, I know that creativity, unpredictability and hard work can cost.

Stress, anxiety, conflict, creative blocks, rejection and criticism – all part of the day-to-day experience of working in our industry.

Sentia can support you dealing with the unique challenges you face. Helping you not just to cope, but to flourish, develop self awareness and understanding, manage relationships more effectively and to enjoy being part of an industry making sense of the past whilst shaping the future. Your future.

Available in person and on-line. Sessions and cost tailored to and for your company depending on requirements initially with a view for longer term work becoming the individuals responsibility.

Wellness Cloud and Parent Cloud

Wellness Cloud is the most comprehensive employee wellbeing provider on the market, merging one-to-one expert consultations with a library of engaging resources and multi-platform support, through our app and online hub as well as running over 300 live events each year.

We provide remote access to online consultations with specialists in mental health, fertility, menopause, coaching, nutrition, sleep and bereavement whilst our platform offers expert wellbeing resources including guides, videos and podcasts. In addition to our live events, we run mental health first aid training, group coaching and tailored talks. Wellness Cloud services help to enable increased employee engagement, improved mental wellbeing and gender inclusivity across organisations.

We also offer Parent Cloud to businesses that want to provide specific wellbeing support to the 41% of employees that are working parents. Parent Cloud incorporates all the same channels of support as Wellness Cloud, with an additional focus on pregnancy and parenting, with experts in child behaviour, infant sleep, weaning and breastfeeding. The platform also includes parental leave coaching, baby and toddler classes and our bi-monthly online Antenatal Course, as well as support for parents of older children.