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“It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future." Read Chief Exec Steve Davies' latest musings on our current management of COVID, production and Spurs withdrawals: 🔗 lbbonline.com/news/are-we-ne…
1 week ago
We're proud supporters of the 🍃 @straight8 SHOOTOUT NATURE EDITION! 🍃 1 Super8 Cartridge 🎞️ No Editing in post! 🚫✂️ Get involved at straight8.net 💻 #straight8shootouthttps://t.co/Dk35hbSHYY
2 weeks ago
Entries for @straight8 Shootout: 🌱THE NATURE EDITION🌱are open! The central rules apply... 1 Super8 Cartridge 🎞️ No Editing! 🚫✂️ You have till Feb 11th to enter your film. 👉straight8.net/shootout-natur… Good luck!
2 months ago
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