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A great night @onepoint4! Brilliant new directing talent on show, congratulations to them all and the fabulous Lyndy Stout.
1 week ago
First @ad_association@weareadgreen Ad Net Zero production award won by @CandTVStudio! Many congratulations!
2 weeks ago
THE BEST PARTY IN TOWN | November 30th The 1.4 Awards Show Party, Shoreditch Studios, celebrating brilliant filmmaking Supper by the Mangal Ocakbasi, loads of natural wine and bubbly of course, and music by everyone’s favourite DJ, Miss G
2 weeks ago
Congratulations to Emma Parkinson on the lovely film Dishes, Dishes, Dishes winning @STITCHEDITING@HOMESPUNEDITING competition, which is always one of the best events of the year and a great showcase for young film makes
2 weeks ago