We are facing an unprecedented threat from rapid climate change. It is our responsibility as an industry to ensure that we are doing everything we can to eliminate the negative environmental impacts of production. 

The APA, alongside other associations, are working towards creating a sustainable and carbon neutral industry. We need our members, as well as those within the wider industry, to create an environment that places climate change and ecological awareness at the forefront. 

AdGreen – part of the Advertising Association, working in partnership with BAFTA and albert, and supported by leading industry players, unites the advertising industry to eliminate the negative environmental impacts of production, and will enable the community to measure and understand waste and carbon impacts, empowering them to act for zero waste / zero carbon.

AdGreen offers a vast range of resources, guides, schemes and training enabling our APA members and their partners to reduce emissions from brief through to delivery. If you need an overview before diving into the tools, resources and training, download their 1 and 2 pagers HERE.


AdGreen’s resources are for those in the creative and production departments at agency level, production company teams, post-production companies and those working as a supplier or in the crew – look for the actions where you can make an impact. Whether at an agency or production company their Resources Guide have key tips to consider throughout your project.


The AdGreen Carbon Calculator HERE now allows our APA members and industry as a whole to work out the carbon footprint of motion, stills and audio projects within advertising campaigns so that you can assess the environmental impact of your production activities. The tool is free at the point of use for the advertising production community, thanks to contributions from participating advertisers to the AdGreen levy on production spend.

Their bespoke tool, created in partnership with industry stakeholders, enables advertising agency and production teams (‘contributors’) to collaboratively log their production activities and see where practical changes can be made in order to reduce a project’s carbon footprint.

AdGreen have complied a series of ‘How to Videos’ to make using the calculator as straightforward as possible. Or you can book yourself on to one of their live webinars to receive a full run-through of the calculator.

To register your company for an AdGreen account and start tracking your emissions from today please CLICK HERE.


To keep AdGreen’s services free for the industry they have introduced a small voluntary levy on production spend, which started on June 1st 2021, to be paid by pioneering advertisers who are leading the charge on reducing their impact on the environment.

The AdGreen Levy is a recommended 0.25% of the cost to produce an advertising asset – that’s just £2.50 per £1,000 spent and is capped at £2,500 per production. The levy is paid to those producing work for the advertiser, and then passed onto AdGreen to enable us to continue supporting the UK advertising industry in reducing emissions from production.


Once an Advertiser has indicated that they would like to contribute, the Advertisers then pays the levy along with the other items on their first production cost invoice. 

The levy is added to production cost estimates on relevant items by the advertisers’ UK based Principal Production Partners (PPPs) who have registered with AdGreen and invoiced to the advertiser once signed off. The payments are collected on AdGreen’s behalf by the PPPs and passed on a quarterly basis.

In most cases the PPP will be the advertiser’s advertising agency, however, if a production company is workign directly with an advertiser then the production company will then be the PPP.

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