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albert are leading a charge against climate change; uniting the screen industries to make a positive environmental impact and inspiring audiences to act for a sustainable future. They aim to share, learn and act on our environmental impact. As Albert is funded by the industry, all their tools and training are free.

Their training provides knowledge and skills to create productions more sustainably through focusing on environmental basics, the industry’s impact, production case studios and carbon calculation and certification.

albert have also done all the heavy lifting by compiling a list of sustainable suppliers serving those in advertising, TV and film production. The list can be filtered, making it even easier to find what you’re looking for.

albert has also created the Creative Energy programme, where every two years they negotiate access to the cleanest, greenest, planet-protecting business electricity tariffs on offer for our industry.

The current supplier is GOOD ENERGY, whose power is generated from 100% renewable sources including sun, wind, biogen and water, from their community of over 1500 independent generators across the UK.

To enquire about renewable energy for your space, whether it’s a studio, production company, advertising agency, casting studio or equipment rental company office you can do so by using the button below:

Ad Net zero  

The UK advertising industry has acknowledged its contribution to carbon emissions and has put a plan in place to reverse that, Ad Net Zero– an initiative launched by The Advertising Association in 2020.

The ambition is to get the climate impact of our industry’s operations down to ‘real net zero’, in terms of carbon output, within this decade. This goal is within our reach by the end of 2030, through a clear series of actions:

Action 1: Getting your house in order – advertising business operations

Action 2: Curbing emissions from advertising productions

Action 3: Curbing emissions from media planning, buying and distribution

Action 4: Curbing emissions through awards and from events

Action 5: Harnessing advertising’s power to support consumer behaviour change

Purpose Distributors

Are a network of industry insiders with the aim of tackling climate change. They carefully design and curate the opportunities for people to meet, learn about our climate emergency and take collective action. They do this by launching an array of effective campaigns and initiatives such as:


An initiative enabling production companies to respond to client briefs in a way that promotes more sustainable values, attitudes and behaviours in clients’ audiences. The alliance is made up of agencies bound by a singular desire to solve the climate crisis through their use of collective communication skills.

The Great Reset

A movement to maintain the positive environmental behaviours developed during lockdown. Led by the Purpose Disruptors, over 7 months between April and October 2020, more than 700 individuals and agencies collaborated to create a white paper, launch film and digital hub. A creative competition attracted 160 entries to an open brief. 8 winners produced work which formed a national campaign in donated media space (outdoor, press, radio and digital) reaching an audience of 18 million people.

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Brighter Compass

Brighter Compass is bringing together a community of businesses, brands and consumers with a shared goal:

To create planet-positive change by helping businesses become carbon positive and making sustainability in business the norm.

Thanks to our access to a raft of sustainability experts and consultants, our platform can provide you with a comprehensive sustainability assessment of your business. A bespoke report will map out the sustainable changes you can make.  And access to our preferred supplier discounts will make simple swaps cost-effective.

Our experience in television production and digital marketing means we have accumulated insight in the industry and a natural shorthand to understanding the more specific problems you may face.

The Brighter Compass Founders have launched Time Out in 25 cities around the world, produced primetime shows for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky, and created and launched campaigns and events for major brands including Pukka, Gordons, BAFTA, Dyson, Nissan and Ford.

All that also means we can create and deliver compelling content for you to share across your own platforms and let your existing and potential clients know about the efforts you are going to in making sustainability in business the norm.

We’d be delighted to talk to you about how we can help you achieve your climate solution goals.

Let’s have a chat about what we can do together. Our meeting may cost you an hour, but won’t cost the earth.

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Creative Zero

Creative Zero UK is a Community Interest Company (CIC) and a collective bringing sustainability professionals together to generate positive environmental impact. We support businesses across the stakeholder chains of the photo, film, music, events, beauty, art and advertising industries. We bring a holistic approach and provide services that go beyond simply counting carbon.

Think of us as your in-house impact managers. We’ll embed sustainability at the heart of your business, engage and empower your teams; and help you become eco-leaders.”

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Olio helps you share spare food with people who need it, and change lives in local communities while you’re at it.

Powered by a national network of passionate volunteers, we’ve built a food sharing platform with unmatched coverage; helping you deliver game-changing social impact.

Together, we’ll make sure more of your food gets eaten – no matter what type, quantity or whether it’s nearly at its use-by date. That way, you can make life that little bit easier for local people.

By working with Olio, you’ll support people in need – but that’s not all. You’ll delight employees, inspire your customers and build a reputation as an innovator.

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