APA x BECTU Diversity Action Plan

This first commercials production crew diversity action plan, published jointly by the APA and Bectu is an important step towards improving diversity and inclusivity in our sector.

For the APA, it is part of a range of initiatives across commercials production, but we are particularly excited about this one with its focus on crew and in being a partnership between the employer and crew organisations.

APA members are committed to change and our job is to provide them with the means to bring that about – the practical steps they can take to turn good intentions into actions – and this diversity plan aims to do that.

It’s a package of measures because to achieve our diversity and inclusivity objectives we need to tackle a range of issues: how and where to recruit, how to help crew from underrepresented backgrounds develop their experience and careers, ensuring sets are inclusive environments where everyone feels comfortable regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability and having a process in which people can raise concerns around these issues.

We currently have 120 production companies signed up to the plan:

Diversity & Inclusion