APA 2023 D&I Report

We want to thank our members for their continued support and commitment to our Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, share what progress has been made, and provide an update on our next steps.

As a sector, a community of companies, and a representative body, we are continuously working towards the goals of a more inclusive industry and ways we can help our members to achieve this.
In July 2020, we set out a seven-point action plan that would help us support our members in accessing underrepresented talent in order to provide more job opportunities, and create more inclusive workforces. 
Based on member feedback in 2022, we evaluated the action plan to assess which initiatives were working well and which ones needed improving. In light of this, we are retaining and building upon existing APA initiatives that we consider effective, as well as adding new ones that we believe our membership can make a real impact with. We have now replaced the action plan with seven objectives, along with practical guidance on how we plan to help members achieve those goals. 
Please see the APA 2023 D&I report attached below, which contains our findings and our new 2023 D&I Objectives.