The Future of Advertising 2024 | Event Recap

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Our Future of Advertising event took place last Thursday 2nd May. It was a whistle stop tour of the current trends. In case you missed it, here’s a recap…

With 33 speakers, 12 talks, and the annual IDEAS Awards showcase, we brought together over 300 industry experts to share their insights and thoughts on the current commercial production landscape.

The afternoon was packed with talks covering topics such as;Campaign effectivenessHow production can work more effectively with agenciesLeadership strategiesTaboo topics in DEIThe hot topic of AI.  The day opened with an introduction from Steve Davies, followed by a talk from Chris Hirst on, as he puts it, No Bullsh*t Leadership.

Chris explored how certain leadership techniques may have held you back in the past, and how to do it right in the future.

Naji El-Arifi (VML Enterprise Solutions) then gave our audience an introduction into the different types of AI and how WPP are using them.

As Naji put it, the future is looking ‘bananas’ for those looking to use programmes such as ChatGPT, Generative AI and Large Language Models.

This lead nicely onto the third session from Emily Jones (Gravity Road), Katie Farmer (Gravity Road) and Chiara Manco (System1).

Emily, Katie, and Chiara explored their collaboration and use of Gen AI in Gravity Road’s Hotel Chocolat campaign.

Along with System1’s input as a creative effectiveness agency, the three explored the reasons why the campaign had such an emotional appeal.

The fourth panel – Taboo Topics & What’s Next For DEI. Chaired by Charlotte Fraser (APA), we welcomed;

Antoinette de Lisser (DEI & Business Development Consultant)
Faraz Osman (Gold Wala)
Jasmine Dotiwala (Multi-Media Reporter & Producer)
Paul Hewitt (Writer and Executive Creative Director).

The group explored the uncomfortable topics such as DEI in the workplace, budget cuts, safe spaces for underrepresented groups and the future of DEI in advertising. Further recap to follow.
After lunch we had the IDEAS Awards .

Then came a discussion from Jamie Smith (Sherians) and Steve Davies (APA) on the legalities of using AI tools in producing work.

The duo discussed topics such as copyright, the rights of third parties, the risks when using AI, and equally the benefits. After delving into the AI Legal Update came a talk from Helen Anderson (thenetorkone) Sagar Rege (LIWA) and Tamara Lover (Production Works) – Powerful Production Partnerships. 

They discussed how we can all create more productive production partnerships with agencies, including topics such as what production houses should understand about agencies, what brands are asking for, and how AI is affecting the content produced.

Moving on to Effectiveness Done Proper: Three General Truths And One Great Example, Laurence Green (IPA) and Loz Horner (Lucky Generals) discussed the effectiveness of the Yorkshire Tea campaign.

After a short break, we reconvened with Text to Video: An AI Tidal Wave Coming Our Way?

Chaired by Chris Boyle (Private Island), the panel was made up of;

Colin Davis (Nexus),
Simon French (ETC)
William Bartlett (Framestore)
Will MacNeil (The Mill).

They discussed the newest text-to-video systems and how they are changing the landscape of how they are producing VFX today.

Then came an exciting discussion of advertising in Women’s Sports, chaired by Aisling Conlon (UK Advertising, AA).

The panel welcomed Jenny Mitton (M&C Saatchi Sport and Entertainment), Katy Bowman (Barclays) and Sue Anstiss (Fearless Women, Women’s Sports Collective) in a discussion of the growing buzz surrounding women;s sports and the opportunities for advertising. Following this, Janet Markwick (Markwick Consulting) and Rhona Glazebrook (Rhona Glazebrook Ltd) brought together Ivan Pols (What3words), Nicola Wardell (Specsavers), Nicky Russell (White Door Company), and James Turner (Waitrose).

The panel, made up from a client perspective, discussed what’s in the most demand from production companies today and why.

Our penultimate talk, In Sight: New Trends in TV, came from Matt Hill (Thinkbox).

Matt explored how TV has transformed in recent years, especially in regards to streaming platforms, and what opportunities this holds for advertising.

Finally, Deborah Casswell (Nexus) brought a dynamic talk on their new Headspace XR: A Playground for your mind.

The presentation revealed the process and reasoning behind their new XR product from Headspace, which is an immersive playground for the mind which teachers the player about mindfulness and how they can implement this beyond the VR headset.

We then rounded off the evening with some drinks and tunes, brought to us from the brilliant DJ James Goatman from MassiveMusic.
We want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all our speakers, and to MassiveMusic for supporting the afterparty. Until next year…