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Posted on March 25, 2021

Directors Rep

RSA Films is looking for a Directors’ Rep to join our team in London.

As part of the Ridley Scott Creative Group, RSA Films has a history of production excellence across a range of mediums. The Directors’ Rep will be responsible for the main RSA UK roster of talent, working with our Head of Sales to build and maintain advertising agency relationships and identify opportunities for new business. The Rep will also work with the Black Dog Films team to further establish development pathways for directors.

In addition to script flow, we’re always looking for opportunities to engage with festivals, panels, events, and grassroots industry initiatives to celebrate RSA directors, producers, and work. Alongside our Head of PR, the Rep will help explore viable avenues for company promotion.

The role requires a meticulous level of organisation and fluidity to address challenges unique to representing the respective interests of a diverse and exciting roster.

Above all we’re looking to welcome someone who can fit into our friendly, sociable team, and align with our commitment to supporting new creative talent and promoting diversity, purpose, and agility in all forms of content.
A knowledge of production and the creative industries and an understanding of production budgets is advantageous but not essential. Salary dependent on experience.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
– Building and maintaining relationships with advertising agencies and brands
– Managing agency script flow
– Exploring non-traditional advertising opportunities
– Working with the Media Manager to update and manage director reels
– Maintaining clear channels of communication with RSA producers
– Creative input to treatments and pitching
– Working with Black Dog Films to establish career pathways for directors
– Working with Head of PR to manage director/company reputation
– Helping to programme talks, screenings, and panels
– Weekly global sales teams meeting with EU/US
– Scouting and signing new talent

RSA Films work with Creative Equals to ensure we are an equal opportunity employer.  Please email any enquiries to [email protected]