A Bullet Point Guide

Posted in News, tagged with COVID-19, on January 15, 2021

Carry on doing everything we’re doing now – but doing it BETTER and doing MORE OF IT.   

The principal change is that there is really no room for complacency.

We all need to be super-vigilant and doing even more of the processes that we know work. We need to be doing it more assiduously and more often. 

  • Reducing Numbers

We need to be ensuring that only those who are ESSENTIAL to the shoot are on set. Trimming numbers will instantly and easily create a safer filming environment. 

  • Distancing

This is a social virus. Enforce distancing wherever possible. We recommend sticking to the 2m rule as rigidly as possible and only falling back on the ‘1m plus with mitigations’ if there is absolutely no alternative. Also try to work side-by-side rather than face-to-face.

  • Face coverings / masks

Enforce the proper and assiduous wearing of high-quality face coverings or masks. Consider upgrading all face protection, particularly when people are brought within less than 2 meters of each other, as above. 

  • Ventilation

Do everything possible to avoid creating crowded, stuffy spaces. Achieve some air circulation. The science continues to place greater emphasis on this.

  • Hygiene 

Although the evidence shows infection from surfaces is probably a lower risk, you should still be enforcing hand sanitising and sensible cleaning particularly of high touch areas. 

  • Communication

Ensure you’re communicating with all production staff regularly and have them fill out the Health Declaration Form at the point of engagement or confirmation.  Make sure you have consent for wearing face coverings and any possible testing if that’s in your mitigation protocol. Crew should know who to contact in Production if they’re having symptoms or have tested positive.  

The above simply highlights and emphasis key points from the APA Covid Shooting Guidelines.

In addition, please refer to our  Covid-19 testing recommendations here.