COVID-19 Shooting Guidelines v1.7

Posted in News, tagged with COVID-19, on November 5, 2020

We have revised our Covid-19 Shooting Guidelines, now v1.7 – linked HERE.

With the change in government guidelines, and the input of the DCMS, we have adjusted some of the wording across the document, and clarified terminology and usage of protective equipment.

Revisions in summary:

  • Added a section – Overseas Production under APA Contract
  • Amended wording in line with government guidelines re: social distancing (two metres is still best practice but one metre is permitted where two metres is not viable, and less than one metre in some instances provided the transmission risk minimisation steps in the Guidelines are followed)
  • Added wording around 70+ year old and/or vulnerable crew and talent members
  • Clarified terminology around the phrase “PPE”
  • Itemised what is recommended for protective equipment
  • Wardrobe and HMU sections have been revised