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If you have an idea, we can make it for you. From a single image through to a series of complex animations.

We are a team of skilled craftsmen, directors and producers that specialise in creating engaging content that can sit seamlessly across all platforms. This makes the most of your budget and ensures your creative vision remains intact.

We are not just makers, everyone in our team is creative, strategic or full of technical knowledge. You can use us to make your idea as good as it can be.

You may have an idea that is nearly fully formed and we can provide that final creative push or technical advice on how best to execute it. Or you might just have a seed of an idea that we can help develop into a full creative campaign.

Our Directors can also provide Creative Direction on set and throughout a project to ensure your creative vision is realised.


Virgin Atlantic - Kitchen Skyline Second day of the digital archive, extracting our animated / motion graphic projects all can be created without leaving the house. . #virgin#virginatlantic#animation#cgi#digital#digitalstudio#postproduction#wfh#remotework
10 months ago
Toshiba Digging out from the archive our love of tech & animation. With businesses working from home, we'll be posting projects that can be completed without leaving the house! #animation#cgi#digital#postproduction#wfh#remoteworking#toshiba#ultrabook#technology#luxury
10 months ago
What will the internet look like in 2021? Here's our explainer animation showcasing how a video call will work with OneWeb's next-gen satellite constellation. Project:…@OneWeb#oneweb#satellite#constellations#animation#videocall
10 months ago
With many businesses asking the workforce to work from home in the wake of this Coronavirus scare we wanted to assure all of our clients that here at The Operators we are still at full capacity and want you to be aware that we've always been fully set-up for remote working.
11 months ago