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Do androids dream of electric beats? @guardian explores how AI is changing music, including Mill #SeeSound, a generative art experience that creates sound sculptures based on the human voice:
2 mins ago
Mill VFX and Colour teams helped bring to life this high energy spot for #CandyCrush, serving a bonkers mash up of ‘sweet’ moments that encapsulate the electrifying feeling of scoring a Sugar Crush:
58 mins ago
RT @MillChannel: We worked with @monterosalondon & @eyecandylab to help create the @nickelodeon#ScreensUp app, which blends AR with TV, pr…
1 hour ago
Don't miss Mill London CG Design Director @WillMacNeil_VFX speaking at @gluglondon#MotionMagic event this coming Thursday:
3 hours ago