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Founded in 2010 on the back of a round the world adventure, The Big Sky was born of a dream to explore the vast horizons of the world, to drive endless roads, to value the journey as much as the destination. Cutting together footage from that adventure into a feature documentary ignited a passion that still fuels us today. Our ethos; to tell stories, not just through compelling narrative, but through beautiful, captivating visuals. We are proud to have worked with some of the most inspiring brands in the world, and every film we make embodies our creative energy. Onwards, toward the endless horizon we journey.



Best Film: London Independent Film Festival

Best Feature: Northeast Film Festival

Best Sound Design: Japan Wildlife Film Festival

Best Wildlife & Conservation Film: Wildlife Conservation Film Festival

Finalist: National Geographic WILDxRED challenge

Best Short: London Independent Film Awards

Best Short: Shout Out for Animals Film Festival


Thank you @tessnewallstudio and @_houseandgarden for the decorative garden furniture tips. Likewise, we’re just as thankful to have partnered with @CondeNast x @CuprinolUK on their Garden Paints range
4 months ago
#SharkQueens Part of #SharkFest, premieres Tuesday 26th July at 9pm on @NationalGeographic WILD UK and streaming on @DisneyPlus. Tune into the UK premiere of our long awaited show tomorrow night! Here’s a taster to whet the appetite:
4 months ago
After 12 years, proud to see Free Wheels East snowballing online and here are just a few of the comments to shed light on why: “This is one of the most epic adventures ever, this will inspire so many people!" Thank you all for being part of our #FreeWheelsEast journey.
5 months ago
RT @BCorpUK:It’s time to celebrate the 25 UK B Corps recognised as Best For The World™ for the Environment — leading the way towards a more sustainable & regenerative planet.🌎 Way to go B Corps! 🙌 Check out the list of honourees 👉 #bftw2022
5 months ago