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Founded in 2010 on the back of a round the world adventure, The Big Sky was born of a dream to explore the vast horizons of the world, to drive endless roads, to value the journey as much as the destination. Cutting together footage from that adventure into a feature documentary ignited a passion that still fuels us today. Our ethos; to tell stories, not just through compelling narrative, but through beautiful, captivating visuals. We are proud to have worked with some of the most inspiring brands in the world, and every film we make embodies our creative energy. Onwards, toward the endless horizon we journey.



Best Film: London Independent Film Festival

Best Feature: Northeast Film Festival

Best Sound Design: Japan Wildlife Film Festival

Best Wildlife & Conservation Film: Wildlife Conservation Film Festival

Finalist: National Geographic WILDxRED challenge

Best Short: London Independent Film Awards

Best Short: Shout Out for Animals Film Festival


#NotAPetFilm has been accepted into 4 more international film festivals! @chisocialchange (NYC, LA & Chicago), @awarenessfest(LA), @WCFF_org(NYC) and @elafiawards(Cypress). To celebrate, we have updated our poster with the official laurels!
1 year ago
The teaser for our short documentary #NotAPet is here! Aiming to raise awareness to stop the trafficking, poaching and demand for pet cheetahs, it will premiere at the @JacksonWildorg film festival in the 'Best Micro Movie' category 25th September. Stay tuned for more updates!
1 year ago
We're really excited to announce that our short film about the illegal pet trade “Not A Pet” has been selected for the @JacksonHoleWILD Media Awards in the category "Best Micro-Movie"! We are incredibly honoured to……
1 year ago
The stunning mountains of Jebel Akhdar are the backdrop for the opening scene of our Oman Air masterbrand video. Check out this behind the scenes shot of our man Steven Bracken bravely taking to the walls, one of the highlights of our location shoot in Oman. #omanair#thebigsky
2 years ago