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We strive to push the boundaries of content production, creating work that authentically spans multiple platforms with the common thread of captivating visual storytelling at its heart.

SQUIRE founders have proven and award winning track records in Television, Advertising and Music Content with expertise in directing, producing, marketing and finance. Our award-winning directors and creatives have been chosen for their ability to produce work that stands out, engages, inspires and innovates. At SQUIRE we believe ideas should be owned. This is why we have a department whose sole aim is to develop and exploit our ideas around the world.

In days gone by a SQUIRE was an armourer and an enabler to the Knights of the Realm – preparing them and readying them for battle.

Today the business environment is ever changing and the team behind SQUIRE is committed to doing the same for ideas and the creative talent within the company.



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2 years ago
RT @GoGenieMo:Working with #PlayLabZ Co-Founder @philtidy@SquireStudio we've captured the #Girmit@nutkhut#DIY multi-dimensional motion arts creative journey in a short byte size documentary series & film πŸ‘οΈπŸŒˆπŸŒ Join us at global premiere @mozillafestival#MozFest
2 years ago