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Revolution Productions Limited
113-115 Portland Street
M1 6DW


Who are we?
We’re a UK production service company based in Manchester in the North of England. We help our clients make outstanding commercials, film, TV and stills.

How can we help you?
We’re production experts with 40+ years of combined industry experience. We’ve been supporting clients with their creative productions since 2015.
We’ll tailor our scope to your exact requirements and look after your project from concept to delivery with our trademark attention to detail. And we’ll stay cool, calm and collected all the way.

Why choose us?
We’re a small, highly experienced team and we give each job everything we’ve got. When you work with us, you get the full attention of technical process masters who are skilled in taking complex creative productions to completion.

So if you need:

An expert pair of hands
A seamless service
No stress, just beautiful outputs

We’re probably the production services company for you.