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P For Production
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P For Production is a uk commercial film production company based in London. Established in 2008 it has built up an excellent roster of award winning and BAFTA nominated directors.

P for Production has shot hundreds of commercials both at home and abroad and has established long running campaigns as Waitrose ‘Delia and Heston’, Penguin Books and Nat West’s online as well as extensive blue chip collaborations with clients ranging from Pantene, Max Factor, Colgate, Bridgestone, Vauxhall, Canon, Saab, Barclay’s, Aldi, Mini, Finlux, Land Rover, Random House, Kipling amongst many others.

With an ethos to execute any production with minimum fuss and maximum joy. We believe that film making for a living is a privilege to be enjoyed as well as being a duty to excel.