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We have built an ecosystem that is unlike any other.

Born on social, we have applied our expertise to building media brands, each centred on a passion such as fitness, crafts or food.

Our brands are followed by millions; our content is seen by billions.Our brands power our entire ecosystem of services, enabling us to create ideas that travel across digital media and into the real world.



Today is Blue Monday, which is claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. Whether this is true or not, everyone could use a pick me up so Four Nine are turning Blue Monday into You Monday, sharing original content to spread joy and self-love
3 days ago
To support its mission of calling for a revolution from resolutions, Four Nine enlisted the support of inspiring influencers who advocate for self-love and body positivity and oppose the unrealistic standards women face to look and act a certain way #NewYearsRevolution
1 week ago
As part of the ‘New Year’s Revolution’ campaign, Four Nine has created a dedicated hub which features exclusive interviews with the likes of Gina Tonic, a writer and co-founder of The Fat Zine, who sat down to discuss the fat liberation movement. Read here…
2 weeks ago
As part of the New Year’s Revolution campaign to change the narrative surrounding the new year, Four Nine commissioned artist Rose England to create bespoke illustrations that celebrate body positivity and self-love rather than unrealistic new year’s resolutions.
2 weeks ago