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As a team, GCRS take huge pride in their work and thrive on consistently getting the chance to collaborate with some of the best creative talent in the industry on some of the finest projects being produced. The team of experienced sound designers are second to none, operating from a state of the art facility which offers six world-class studios, three of which are Dolby certified, meaning the demand for HD TV, 7.1, 5.1 mixing can be easily accommodated and allows us greater flexibility for you when booking studio time.

With the ever-advancing technology our industry offers, their team aspires to be at the forefront, be it working with broadcasters to pioneer new sound metering, or installing a 3D projector in one of our cinema mixing suites, allowing you the opportunity to create sound design to a live 3D picture.

Grand Central is structured to deliver the best possible results for our clients in the shortest time possible, without compromise. Whilst our creative flair and speed remain paramount, we never lose sight of the essential basics of excellence.



With two unforgettable lead performances, and a chilling story from Elizabethan history, Mary Queen of Scots is finally in cinemas from tomorrow. Theatrical Atmos trailer mixed by @SoundsFromRaj , and selected ADR by @TristanRose78.
2 days ago
.@aardman and sheep fans will have to wait until October for the new @shaunthesheep film, but you can catch @SoundsFromRaj's Atmos trailer here and in cinemas now.
2 days ago
RT @GAMEDAYfilm: GAME DAY sound mix complete! Thanks so much to the brilliant hard work of Culum Simpson, Beckie Thornton, Rory Wallace and…
4 days ago
RT @VISUALISE360: We recently worked with the @and_partnership & @GCRS to create an intriguing & immersive teaser for the launch of the new…
4 days ago