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Launched in 2020, we are a global creative studio, specialising in Virtual Production using LED walls and game engine technology. We produce for commercials, branded entertainment marketing, music videos and film and TV. Our work is all about reality, veracity, credibility. We construct filmic illusions that are so convincing, people who see them think they are real. We are operating at the intersection of creativity and technology, at the bleeding edge of creative-led virtual production.

Our heritage stems from 15 years as a creative agency producing for major US networks and brands (, run by principals Chris & Monica. We are not a VFX house, though we have created hundreds of VFX-based commercials in our time. We are a creative studio, led by filmmakers, dedicated to client service. We write, produce, direct and shoot. FINAL PIXEL is a global business, with bases in London, LA and New York. We are pushing the boundaries of photorealism in virtual production, to create convincing, emotionally engaging content.