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Studio 3 (Third Floor)
19-23 Kingsland Road
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We are a London based creative studio that delivers a range of services that span from creative briefs through to storyboarding, illustrations, 2D & 3D animation, filming, post production, print, video games and VR.
Strong talent drives Feed Me Light and the distinct creative style of the founding creative team is known for it’s light hearted view, humor and fun. Fueled by quality and high attention to detail, the work Feed Me Light produces speaks for itself.
As a company we strive to be straight up, honest and all round good sorts. This is our mantra with both clients and employees. We know this will create partnerships that allow for collaboration, joint vision and shared success.
Putting positive vibes  out there and those positive vibes will be coming back in.



Nominated Best Studios on Motion Awards by Motionographer


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