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1st Floor
71 Broadwick Street


We are a Soho-based VFX studio, set up and run by a team of passionate and creative VFX specialists with boundless enthusiasm and years of experience. Our small footprint and unique investment model means that as budgets get squeezed ever tighter, we ensure that more of your money ends up onscreen.

We work on cutting-edge kit with the very latest vfx tools from maya and xsi through to the latest smoke with batch, nuke and after effects. Our library is in the cloud. Our network is on the end of a thunderbolt cable and we can even take a suite to your shoot for on-set compositing.

We love all visual effects from the most delicate beauty shot to complex multi-discipline visual effect set pieces and when we need to put bigger boots on we ramp our VFX teams to be as big as the project needs us to. We’ve got a beautiful sunlit open plan studio on Kingly Street where we work collaboratively on all manner of projects with a lovely suite for client presentations and comfy creative sessions.

It used to be about big boxes, big buildings and even bigger bills at the end but now small really is the new big. The latest technology has allowed us to reinvent the post and VFX model so we can work with you on the creative and cool stuff whilst our unique cost model takes care of the stresses on your budget.

Our ethos is to provide amazing visual effects on time and to budget in a very personal, creative and collaborative way.



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