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Unit 1,
Tramways House,
377 Camden Road,


We are a world class, London based animation studio. We create short-form video content with our partners in the advertising, music and broadcast industries.

We love blending innovative new technology with classical cinematic craft, always focussing on the fundamentals of storytelling, character and emotion. Our work spans live-action, film-making to hand-crafted traditional animation, to modern CGI and everything in between.

Our mission is to make films that move people. In each and every project we endeavour to undertake something new, something different, something unique. A contribution to culture, no matter how modest.

We’re a proud part of the Blink family, a fully independent, owner operated production group established in 1985. We create advertising, art, music and entertainment across our 6 divisions. Our culture is highly collaborative and our working processes are fully integrated, supported by decades of award-winning expertise and a relentless drive for creative excellence.

Our Team
We represent a roster of highly skilled Directors, supported by a cracking team of Producers, Artists and Technicians. We come from a diverse array of creative backgrounds and have collected many awards along the way, including BAFTAs, D&ADs, Cannes Lions, British Television Advertising Awards, British Animation Awards, and more.


This is now up on YouTube! Best watched high res with headphones! Happy New Year from the Blink Family.……
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BLINK INDUSTRIES have guest-curated an episode of Adult Swim's weird and wonderful Off The Air; a consistently beautiful and surprising smorgasbord of mixed-media work, thematically mushed together into 11 minute episodes. PROGRESS airs tonight on Adult Swim!…
9 months ago
In the spirit of reiterating the importance of cleanliness we present to you Jonny & Will’s "Wash Your Hands" episode of
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