ASB specialises in producing premium content for testing and digital output to help global brands and advertising agencies get the best results possible for their creative.

As the industry leader in animatic production, ASB has a deep understanding of the value of testing and is committed to excellence in every production.

With 20 years of experience, 300 staff and 10 studios worldwide, our vast animation resources and global scope allows us to comfortably handle a variety of projects faster than any other company.



Taste appeal is everything when it comes to testing for beverage brands…and this right here is the only kind of #ice#cold we want to think about for the next 4-5 months...🍋 #refreshing#WannaSpriteanimatedstoryboards.com/sprite@Spritehttps://t.co/voA9q4RTBS
4 years ago
We had the pleasure of working on this test spot for @Budweiser which aired during @ATLsuperbowl53. Our 3D Cinematic style allows you to execute camera moves you’d never achieve with a 2D Traditional Animatic approach. animatedstoryboards.com/budweiser-windhttps://t.co/b69nZFDnv0
4 years ago
🇺🇸 @ United States instagram.com/p/Bp2Jk32hFLv/…
4 years ago