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Whether that’s convincing people to download an app they didn’t know they wanted or creating cut-through at the most overcrowded time of year.
Getting millions of teens to engage with science (and actually think it’s cool) and winning the hearts and minds of a nation’s education leaders.

We’re always turning tech stories into human ones that are worth talking about.
We can even explain Google Ads to fishermen in a way that actually means something to them.

We’ve been helping brands grow for over 10 years.
We’d love to help you too.


For some, a #notch is a black bar that houses the selfie cam on their phone. For others, it’s the bane that ruins their viewing experience. #Xiaomi took on the challenge of this fiery debate with the new #Mi9T and its notch-less fullscreen display.…
1 day ago
RT @TheDrum: Machines, robots, data, AI - they feel inhuman, scary, alien. The tech industry needs to be more human if it wants to earn our…
1 week ago
Across the Pond, @The2030Vision, @theglobalgoals, and 9 year old Molly, challenge the tech industry to put their problem-solving skills to good use… via @thedrum
1 week ago
We can’t be the only ones who think Tech has a personality problem? We’ve condensed a decade of experience into 4 bits of advice on how the creative industry can help fix it.…#techweek#technology#creative#industry#personality#problem
1 week ago

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YouTube Social Impact Film Reframes Parent-Daughter Relationships

YouTube Social Impact Film Reframes Parent-Daughter Relationships

Across the Pond and director Surya Balakrishnan release heartwarming short film for International Women’s Day 2019