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Academy Films Ltd
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Academy Films is a world-renowned film production company, creating commercials, music videos, short films, digital content, art installations and feature films. Lizie Gower set up Academy in 1985 and continues to run the company at the head office in London. Some of the world’s finest directing talent can be found within the 36 strong Academy roster, including Jonathan Glazer, Frederic Planchon, Seb Edwards, Si & Ad, Martin De Thurah, David Fincher, Garth Davis, Johnny Green and Lynne Ramsay.

Academy have won almost every major award from around the world, including 2 D&AD Black Pencils for the much revered Guinness ‘Surfer’ film, directed by Jonathan Glazer.


24 x APA Collection Diamonds

73 x British Arrows

Production Company of The Year 2011

30 x British Arrow Craft

Best Crafted Commercial of the Year 1999

Best Crafted Commercial of the Year 2003

Best Crafted Commercial of the Year 2005

20 x D&AD Yellow Pencil

3 x D&AD Black Pencil

Special D&AD Award as the 3rd Most Awarded Prod. Company of all time

20 x Kinsale Sharks (including the Palm D’Or 2010)

24 x Cannes Lions