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2DM PRODUCTION is an environmentally conscious full-service production company with offices in Milan, London and New York.

We offer full-service creative production for editorial and advertising photo shoots, film and tailored digital content creation.

We plan smarter productions to optimise the consumption of unsustainable and polluting materials and partnered with change-making companies, to redefine production offerings in the creative industry.


Our producers work collaboratively with leading fashion brands, photographers and directors to bring their artistic visions to life, by creating seamless production experiences while reshaping production flows and aligning them with more sustainable requirements.

We engage with each project uniquely and curate each experience to match the specific needs and accomplish the creative vision of the client while providing a high-end service but also aiming to adjust common production customs on photo & video sets, consuming less and more consciously.


Smarter productions yet compatible with the context in which we work, to optimise consumption and drastically reduce on-set-use of unsustainable or polluting materials.

The purpose of this new approach in terms of services is to trigger new methods that over time will adapt the production standards to the changes that the society is requiring.