Ian Pons Jewell

Adland’s go-to for the offbeat and outstanding, Ian’s work of recent months has given us a yoghurt-based boy for Skittles, Three’s futuristic “beast of a production” to announce 5G, and an epic journey into the value of a diamond through the generations of humanity whose lives are touched by it. 

He’s also established himself as one of the new generations of pioneers in the music video format, with his work chalking up billions of Youtube hits. He’s been nominated 3 times for ‘Best Director’ by the UKMVAs and BUG named him as ‘one of the best music video directors working today’.

Join us to talk a little on what it means to be named “Number 1” and if there really is such a thing as “too weird” – and if so what is it?! Plus, discuss the latest on WDMV’s, the meeting just before COVID-19 took hold, and a look towards future plans.