Covid-19 means members are working at home. Keeping businesses The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant portion of our members working from home. Keeping businesses going until we can return to normality is a priority but our new environment also presents opportunities to learn- and there are great free courses out there.

We have compiled a list of FREE online courses provided by top institutes ranging from business management, leadership, career resilience, language courses, right through to health and wellness podcasts.

We also recognise that while schools are shut, a lot of our members will be juggling having their kids at home, managing both their schooling and entertainment! So we have listed a wide range of free resources for your children from online learning, audible books, workouts and relaxation tools.

Online Courses


Creative Problem Solving– understand the role of creativity & innovation in your work

Ignite your Everyday Creativity– be aware, be inspired, be creative

Successful Negotiation– essential strategies & skills

Science of Wellbeing– a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits

Epic Games | Unreal Engine

Exploring the future of Virtual Production– a mix of projects cases

Virtual production on the battlegrounds of “Game of Thrones”– discover how the visualization company Third Floor, helped to create the most memorable scenes in GOT using the Unreal Engine.

Forging new paths for filmmakers on ‘The Mandalorian’– an interview with Jon Favreau, explaining how he turned the conventional filmmaking paradigm on its head by bringing more real-time interactivity and collaboration back into the production process

Are you a visual disruptor- join the conversation now

Future Learn:  

Customer Engagement– building on long-term relationships

Innovation management– winning in the age of disruption

Leading Strategic Innovation– how to lead with purpose

Understanding Diversity & Inclusion– develop your understand of diversity to create more inclusive & open environments

General Assembly:

Online workshops offered every Friday for free, topics such as: Coding, Google Analytics, Project Management, Job searching & life during COVID

Hub Spot Academy:           

Developing an End-to-End Instagram Marketing Strategy For Your Business 

Measuring Brand Engagement & Emotional Connection

Imperial College London:

Creative Thinking: Techniques & tools for success

Ivy League training:

Business Growth strategy– get the tools to analyse & evaluate growth whilst avoiding common pitfalls

Management & Leadership- wellbeing and welfare at work

Operations Management– frameworks & techniques

Open Culture:

Offering over 1,300 online courses from a huge array of topics & sectors

Gradual language courses in French, Italian & Spanish & many more

Open EDU:       

Developing career resilience– tactics for goal setting & overcoming career setbacks

Developing high trust work relationships– the fundamental aspect of a sustainable & flourishing organisation

Effective communication in the workplace– stop problems from escalating and create a more harmonious environment

Leadership– identify the skills you need to develop and the common leadership challenges

Sundance Collab:

Custom-curated videos sharing the learning insights & personal experiences of writing, directing, producing & many more


Adobe Indesign– how to build comprehensive page layouts

Photoshop fundamentals– beginners course

Health & Wellness

Tune In– catalogue of wellness podcasts

One Mind Podcast | Meditation Oasis Podcast | Mindful Minute Podcast

Inner Space:

Daily morning & lunchtime meditations

Weekly Talks & Seminars on topics such as self worth, self esteem & self care

Wellness & Mental Health apps:

Headspace | Wake-up | My Possible Self | What’s Up | Sam

Resources for children at home


BBC Teach Supermovers | Starfall | ABCYA | Funbrain | Splashlearn | National Geographic | Math4kids | Mathgame time | Unite for literacy | Literactive | Sciencekids | Switchzoo | Turtle Diary | E-learning4kids | Twinkl– use code CVDTWINKLHELPS

Entertainment & Exercise:

Stories audible | Storyline online

Dr.Seussville | Highlights Kids | PBS Kids Games

NHS Shake up | Cosmic Kids