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Posted on January 30, 2024

Head of Sales

Curate Films is looking for an experienced Head of Sales to work along side the MD. What a dream you must be thinking!  Not really but it will be rewarding, fun and working with the most diverse, funny and brilliant directors on the planet!

We make Docs, TV shows, films, apps, and we try and make commercials, although thats proving more and more difficult…but thats why we need you!

We wont write a bullet list of what you need to do, be or say, intuition works wonders in our world and it’s how we choose our staff.

One thing you must have though is a better address book than the boss, at least know some young guns and happy to go and socialise with them.

Money is good, the roster is good, the office is good so what more can you want?

Please no time wasters or wasters, we can only reply to people we think are groovy and therefore apologies now to anyone who doesn’t get a request to chit chat.

Our website to anyone who cares is

The email is [email protected]

Please no flowers, propositions or knocking on the door type stuff.

Peas and rice

Curate Crew

We will end this incredible search by the end of the last day of the month of February 24, good luck campers!