We are a disability-led equity business.

We exist to ignite, invest in, and amplify disabled creativity across the world for a Just tomorrow.


RT @SulaimanRKhan:@cindygallop@theslowfactory@celinecelines@DannyPallett@DHorizons@melex@mskelgee@dandad@EvadneyC Thanks, @cindygallop! And my work will be on #Disability+"#AccessIntimacy” (as defined by @miamingus) for collective liberation–so I'll be asking for a quote, & I'll reference your business @makelovenotporn in my research. Keep living in your divinity as a whole & complete person
4 days ago
RT @AjaSaysHello:“But people can’t afford these prices!” Well people who make clothes can’t afford … to not be paid fairly for their labor.
6 days ago