The Unmistakables embeds equity, diversity & inclusion into organisations. We are an award-winning consultancy that works with forward-thinking leaders and teams to navigate shifts in equity, diversity & inclusion internally and externally. Our work spans organisations of all shapes, sizes and sectors and is based on inside out inclusion®, our proprietary framework that senior leaders use to create systems change.

People and HR teams come to us to build inclusive cultures, learning programmes and behaviour change and marketing teams and agencies come to us to build more inclusive insight, brand strategy, campaigns and communications. Everything we do is grounded in breakthrough insights, which we generate through inclusive and innovative mixed methodology research.

The Unmistakables partner with marketers and agencies to embed equity, diversity & inclusion into the processes and the work:
  • Campaign Development: We come in at any point within the campaign development process to provide considered sense checks from a variety of lived experience and professional expertise.
  • Audience Understanding: We provide breakthrough insights into typically underrepresented groups, helping to surface the voice of specific groups to help shape thinking and strategy.
  • Inclusive Communications: We harness our understanding of the live ED&I narrative within the media landscape to help teams navigate the latest discourse and commentary.
  • Brand Strategy: We work upstream on brand strategy to understand, uncover and unleash new ways of thinking inclusively throughout a brand’s lifecycle.

We also partner with HR and People teams to embed ED&I into culture, processes and systems. We build ED&I knowledge and capability for leadership teams, deliver impactful learning programmes, and measure colleague data to lift up underrepresented and marginalised voices.