Founded in 2010 by ITV’s Political Editor, , our aim is to end educational inequality by giving all young people access to the same prestigious networks available to the top fee-paying schools in the UK.

Through talks from today’s influential figures via our programme, our work programme linking state school students to industry-leading companies and networked support partners we are helping level the playing field for young people of all backgrounds.

And, we keep our services for our schools and students entirely free of charge.


We had some incredible entries to our food critic competition with @simon_rogan, but one especially stood out and has been crowned the winner. Read about it here and find Madison's winning recipe for her chorizo and butterbean stew. twitter.com/LivingMagazine…
14 mins ago
@ManonSteffanRos We're also looking forward to adding all the other titles to our ever-expanding TBR pile...! 📚 #edutwitter#amreading#NTBC#bookclub
3 days ago
Huge congratulations to @ManonSteffanRos and all shortlisted authors for this year's Carnegie medal. The Blue Book of Nebo and Manon's thoughtful exploration of identity and language stayed with us and our National Teen Book Clubbers long after her Q&A. 👏 bit.ly/40nm6iK
3 days ago
"Everything about Wiz Wharton (@Chomsky1) was incredibly interesting and inspirational. We loved listening to her story, the background to her book (which we will be buying), her character and writing advice, comments on mental health, and general thoughts on literature." #NTBChttps://t.co/XEeRNL5P2Y
3 days ago