We are losing too much talent to the choice many filmmakers and people working in television are forced to make – that of being a parent or continuing their career.

Raising Films aims to challenge, at a structural level, the demands the film and television industry makes of all of us.


… and it’s been really hard but the glow of our @BIFA_film award from the gorgeous jury that chose us to receive it, and the wonderful speech by the even more wonderful #EmmaCorrin (link here raisingfilms.com/raising-films-…) is still keeping us going and we are still here for you ❤️
6 days ago
Its almost a year since the nicest thing of our existence as #RaisingFilms happened & we got a @BIFA_film Special Jury Prize Award in recognition of our work 🥰. A year later, we are still working unfunded, trying to make change in our industry & work better for parents / carers.
6 days ago
@RutharioP Sorry 😞 we will keep trying x
6 days ago
@RutharioP We ran the best course for you with our #MakingItPossible scheme but we weren’t successful with recent submissions for funding it for 🤷‍♀️reasons. Such a shame as it’s really best in class & has helped loads ppl.We’ll keep trying & shout about it here if we can fund a new round 🤞
1 week ago