Our mission:
“To provide consulting, recruitment and employment support to employers and individuals with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and autism. We provide the benefit of lived experience and are passionate about creating wider employment opportunities and better understanding and appreciation for neurodivergent individuals everywhere.”

Our vision:
“To create understanding, opportunities and an inclusive culture for neurodivergent individuals everywhere. We want to inspire people through our own examples and life experiences. We want to be accessible to anyone who wants to better themselves and the world around them.”

Address: Exceptional Individuals, Theatre Deli – Deli Studios, 2 Finsbury Ave, London, EC2M 2PA.

We work as a hybrid team so please book an appointment before arriving at the office.


RT @nathawley:Join @exceptional_Ind for an enlightening session on the causes and impacts of #Neurodiversity. This week, we'll explore the costs of Neurodiversity and how it impacts families and carers. #NeurodivergentServices#Inclusionhttps://t.co/sWPIwHCkBV
7 days ago
RT @jane_petit:Great session with @nathawley this morning for the @HelloFoothold team on all things #neurodiversity - really good insights, great messaging and even quizzes 😀 Thank you @exceptional_Ind
1 week ago
RT @HelloFoothold:Our team had a great time exploring all things #neurodiversity with @nathawley of @exceptional_Ind yesterday👏 We're here for neurodiverse members of the #engineering community, and the people who employ and support them. Find out how we can support you: https://t.co/6WC2TnYur5 https://t.co/NVP9UPFlpL
1 week ago
RT @JulianSupport:@exceptional_Ind great training today on Neurodiversity for our Leadership Team. Insightful, reflective, accessible and practical. Thanks so much.
4 weeks ago