NABS is the support organisation for the advertising and media industry.

We work in an incredibly exciting profession. But it can also be an extremely challenging one.

NABS understands that it’s often hard to keep up in a business that’s constantly evolving.

So we’re here to bring out the best in you.


🗣"There's so much that needs to be done. Workplaces have done the bare minimum." Ahead of our panel event 'People Who Look Like Me', trailblazers and B-Digital founders Rejoice Ojiaku & Wilhemina Davis discuss being young & Black in adland. Read more 👉lbbonline.com/news/diversity…
8 hours ago
Going live at 12pm today - join us and a brilliant range of speakers from @mediaforalluk for a discussion around the stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace, particularly for people from minority backgrounds.: ➡️ow.ly/ZH9z50BZSKEtwitter.com/NABS_UK/status…
12 hours ago
"If a friend lost a job, I’d say – come on, you can do this. Not make them feel guilty for not applying for every job in sight" 📖New on our blog: 'I got made redundant during the pandemic – and then found a new job, thanks to NABS' by @AidoiaPD ➡️ nabs.org.uk/redundant_duri…https://t.co/AyFMfrWvQA
1 day ago
🗣"Helped me refocus and feel much more positive" Our much-loved speed mentoring is back. A quickfire opportunity to network and build your career, led by the NABS 100 Club – some of the most revered leaders in our industry. 🗓November 19 ➡️nabs.org.uk/event/nabs-tal…https://t.co/aSN20RxeVG
2 days ago