Filmmaker Alma Har’el founded Free The Bid in response to her experiences as a woman director.

Free The Work evolved out of that campaign into a data-driven and more inclusive force for change.

A curated talent-discovery platform for underrepresented creators.


The way these creators stun me with their talent every👏single👏time! No need to question if they are ready and able to work--their work speaks for them. P.S. I think we need an official Creator Spotlight theme song. Where the FTW composers at?! 👀 https://t.co/hHScdyxvTu
40 mins ago
Savanah Leaf on storytelling: https://t.co/RWdOpjXSw8
3 hours ago
From Olympian to filmmaker, Savanah Leaf leaves no road untraveled. "I feel like I’m not very good at speaking in public, but I feel like I can convey my voice through my art." Check out @mvafilms's thought-provoking interview with Savanah. ow.ly/pTTq50AQT2Bhttps://t.co/8HJrtQthDE
3 hours ago
The keywords here: "All" "Writers" "Staffed" 💰 twitter.com/CBSEntDiversit…
22 hours ago