We deliver diverse talent to fuel a company’s competitive advantage as more diverse teams produce better returns. Different types of thinking mean new perspectives, fresh ideas and better advertising/creative work.

We offer a FREE 10-week programme for 18-25s which delivers a premium learning experience for our students through a mixture of lessons and real-world advertising experience.


Our focus is on finding and developing untapped talent – we don’t give out places based on work experience or qualifications. We want to make these roles feel accessible to anyone who has the talent and drive to succeed.

We believe that there is a huge pool of talent that needs to feel encouraged to pursue jobs in creative, digital, and tech industries, no matter what your background.


RT @MelanieNogueira: The feeling after getting good feedback on a pitch😭 I love this team @BrixtonFSchool ❤️
3 hours ago
The wonderful @TiaCastagno founder of UnblockYourBlock is back with us this afternoon for a class on energetics in communication and practical strategies for building resilience in the long term. We are very much looking forward to another one of Tia’s invaluable sessions! https://t.co/VMwulte6aL
13 hours ago
RT @MelanieNogueira: @lizuvie x @BrixtonFSchool - what a boss!!! Thank you for presenting personal branding in such a different and inspiri…
1 day ago
We are thrilled to have the wonderful @lizuvie coming in this PM to give our students a talk on personal branding! We are so excited that our students get to be inspired by Elizabeth's experience and general awesome-ness! Thank you Elizabeth! https://t.co/TmpFaxuK76
2 days ago