NEW Tripartite Addendum – Coronavirus Update #124

Posted in Front page, News, on April 16, 2024

The APA, ISBA and IPA have published a new version 4 of the Commercial Production Coronavirus Tripartite Addendum. Only a few minor changes have been made, mainly to reflect the current status of Covid which, although no longer an emergency, still presents a potential problem for productions while insurance cover remains unavailable. Each of the trade bodies recommends that their members use the addendum until such time as Covid no longer presents any problem, or the insurance industry is prepared to cover Covid risks.

I hope this will help you manage some of the push back that some of you have had recently – by demonstrating that we still need provisions for Covid risks because even though the risks of Covid disruption are lower than they were, there is still no insurance cover for the risks it generates and through the support of the client and agency trade bodies telling their members it is still needed.

Please find this document in the APA Vital Docs folder here.