D&I Consulting Services 2023 Recap

Posted in D&I, Front page, on December 19, 2023

As we near the end of 2023, it’s time to reflect on the progress we’ve made in our ongoing journey towards a more inclusive and truly representative industry. We want to share with you a recap of the work carried out by Antoinette De Lisser, our APA Diversity & Inclusion Consultant.

Our seven-point D&I plan is designed for you- as simple, practical steps to improve D&I, and we invited Antoinette to provide further support to APA members in implementing those steps in their company.

In July 2023, Antoinette began working closely with APA members, conducting assessments of their D&I goals, any roadblocks to achieving them, and helping shape a D&I plan that is effective and practical for their business.

Topics covered included:
– An introduction to D&I (a back-to-basics course for those who need it)
– Adopting the APA Code of Conduct template and complaints procedures
– Inclusive recruitment processes; tips on how to appeal to a wider audience; partner organisations to work with Building on members’ current D&I policies and employee handbooks
– Improving on retention levels for mid-to senior-level crew (as opposed to focusing solely on entry-level crew such as runners)
– Cultural considerations
– The feedback from participating members has been positive, emphasising Antoinette’s ability to address sensitive topics with humour, insight, and encouragement and provide practical advice.

“Antoinette’s D&I presentation to a near full team at our office yesterday was exceptionally good. She somehow manages to tackle sensitive subjects with the right balance of humour, insight, experience, and inspiration. She left us bubbling with ideas and I just wanted to thank you and the APA for allowing its members access to such a progressive, well-informed presentation. We are looking forward to continuing our journey with her and further developing our own initiatives.” – Post-production company

“We had an hour’s session with Antoinette to talk through how best to address D&I within the company, both right now and moving forward. Antoinette immediately put everyone at ease with her approach and was fantastic at helping us to really look at ourselves both individually and as a company, and focus on where we could improve in a totally non-judgemental way. My team felt energised and empowered by the session. Antoinette left us with easy steps that we could implement right now both personally and as a business, I can’t recommend getting Antoinette in for a session enough, even if you think that you already have everything in place, I promise you there will be a lot you will take from the session.” – Odelay Films

“The APA’s D&I consulting service by Antoinette De Lisser was invaluable. Antoinette’s high energy and positive nature is infectious, and her knowledge helped guide us to take the next steps in our company’s mission to be more sustainable and inclusive.” – Bad Star Studios

In 2024, Antoinette will hold follow-up sessions with member companies she has already met with, in order to review their progress, address ongoing needs, and provide them with further support. Our overarching goal is to continue seeing real, tangible results, so these 3-month follow-up meetings will ensure that our members can put into practice their D&I plan.

This particular offer by which we paid for Antoinette’s consultancy services for APA members is now at an end, but Antoinette would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to engage her services. We anticipate commencing a new D&I project with Antoinette in 2024.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact [email protected].