MVPA – Music Video Producers Association Showcase Recap

Posted in Events, News, tagged with Events, MVPA, on October 19, 2023

The Music Video Producers Association (MVPA) Showcase, supported by Promonews and BUG, was a private event that took place on October 17th, it was aimed at celebrating the creative achievements of 13 production companies from the MVPA, a subsidiary of The APA. These production companies showcased their talented music video directors, for which you can view the reel HERE.

The event also featured insightful panel discussions and talks on the significance of music videos, the identification, cultivation, and advancement of talent in the industry, and what commissioners seek in music video projects. These discussions were led by prominent figures in the industry, including representatives from production companies, directors, commissioners, and marketing managers, and were skillfully moderated by Promonews editor, David Knight. You can read a recap of the talks HERE on the MVPA Website.

The event not only provided a platform for recognizing the exceptional work of MVPA members but also offered valuable insights into the world of music video production and its evolving landscape. It was a successful gathering of industry professionals and creatives, all passionate about the future possibilities of music video production.

We look forward to hosting another MVPA Showcase in 2024.