Commitment Beyond Black History Month

Posted in D&I, News, tagged with Diversity & Inclusion, on October 17, 2023

Why is celebrating Black History Month relevant – and important – to your business? Because it is a driver of inclusivity and positive change, which are goals that APA members have embraced.

In whichever way you are choosing to celebrate BHM, or wherever you are currently on your D&I journey, BHM provides a unique opportunity to raise awareness about the contributions, challenges, and achievements of Black people from many different cultures and walks of life. BHM is an inspiration for our ongoing commitment rather than suggesting that these issues matter for only one month.

As you know, together we play an essential role in advancing diversity and inclusion within our industry. Encouraging diverse hiring practices, fostering an environment where diverse stories are nurtured and brought to life, and providing equitable opportunities for Black professionals can lead to more authentic and representative content that resonates with all audiences worldwide.

We know that many of you already participate in various diversity and inclusion schemes and are always looking at how you can achieve more, which the below will help you to do – during BHM and beyond.

  • Sometimes people worry that their efforts may be perceived as performative, but remember you have to start somewhere. So keep being authentic and genuine until your values are embedded into your business.
  • It’s essential to amplify underrepresented voices rather than your own.
  • Use BHM to celebrate what you have already done and what you intend to do moving forward. Highlight ways that your company has put action behind your words – see our 2023 D&I report and our D&I Initiatives for guidance via the buttons below.
  • Review your standards for supporting your Black staff members.
  • You can leverage your own social media channels to shine a light on creators with a limited social media reach.
  • Partner with Black-owned businesses and creators without labelling it as ‘taking a chance’.
  • If you feel uninformed, take the initiative to educate yourself on Black history and culture. Appreciate that Black people may not want to be the go-to person to inform people about race-related issues.
  • Appreciate that some Black people have a complex relationship with BHM. After all, is it possible to understand the importance of any culture in one month?
  • Be mindful that some Black people may choose not to highlight Black achievements during BHM. Instead, they may prefer to shift the focus away from the notion that Black people need to be excellent, and towards acknowledging that Black people deserve as much normalcy as anyone else.

Engaging with the Black community throughout the year is an invaluable opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to being a responsible and socially aware company, and we will continue to support you with your efforts and contributions.

If you need any resources or additional guidance, please get in touch with Charlotte our D&I Executive ([email protected]), or to learn more about our bespoke D&I consulting service, please contact Antoinette de Lisser.