Upcoming Online Course | ‘Introduction Into Pricing’ Tuesday September 12th

Posted in Training Course, on August 30, 2023

What will the final quarter of this year bring to your business? Growth from existing clients? New business opportunities? A new product/service innovation? As your business evolves, are your pricing strategies keeping pace? Do you still default to the same pricing model?

Getting pricing right is a powerful way to improve profitability and increase awareness of the value you are delivering to your clients.  Our introductory course covers the factors that influence pricing, the most prevalent pricing models in use today and current pricing examples from the production industry. You will come away knowing how you can start to use different pricing models
This 90-minute online course is delivered through presentation and discussion and will take place on 12th September 2023 at 10AM.
By the end of this course, you will learn;

  • Key pricing factors
  • A definition of the pricing models in use today
  • Pricing examples from production

Price: £250 + VAT

*Exclusive to APA Members*


Rhona & Janet were course leaders in the previous
direct-to-brand workshop on pricing which averaged 9/10
for course content and delivery.

Feedback from Rhona & Janet’s
Previous Direct To Brand Pricing Module:

‘Clear and Insightful’

‘It has made me think even further outside the box
about pricing and rates’

‘Great insights from a knowledgable team’

‘I loved hearing about bonus pricing based on output, I would love to work this into a couple of clients / projects in the near future’

‘I found the pros and cons of each pricing model the most useful… and the advice on how to pushback to clients’

‘I found the B2B value points the most useful, I could instantly see that we should include more of these in our response decks’