APA Talk at UK Creative Festival 2023

Posted in News, tagged with Events, on July 3, 2023

Join us at UK Creative Festival 2023 for a talk on ‘The Legal Issues Generated By AI Examined’ ðŸ¤

Discover the Legal Considerations Surrounding AI in Creative Businesses! 

The potential impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on creative businesses and our lives is a thrilling frontier, filled with endless possibilities. However, as this transformative technology continues to evolve, it is essential to address the legal challenges it poses. During this engaging talk, we will explore the legal landscape surrounding AI, bringing to light the challenges that professionals face in navigating the boundaries of what can and cannot be done. Our esteemed speakers; Steve Davies, CEO of the APA & Jamie Smith, Partner at Sheridans will share their expertise and shed light on key legal considerations to help you proactively avoid potential pitfalls when creating work using AI.

Date: Thursday 13th July, 2023
Time: 11:00 AM – 11:45AM
Location: Dodgems at Dreamland, Margate

🔎 Topics Covered:

  • Understanding the legal implications of AI in creative industries
  • Real-life examples of legal issues arising from AI usage
  • Protecting intellectual property rights in AI-generated work
  • Navigating data privacy and compliance concerns
  • Exploring ethical considerations in AI-powered creations

By attending this enlightening session, you will gain invaluable knowledge to empower yourself and your creative business & stay ahead of the curve by being well-informed and equipped to make sound decisions when utilizing AI in your work.

As the APA is a key supporting partner of the UK Creative Festival this year, APA Members will receive a 25% discount on tickets so be sure to secure your spot now via the link below (please email us at [email protected] for the promo code)

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