#timeTo Training & Endorsement

Posted in News, Training Course, tagged with Diversity & Inclusion, Seminars, on March 23, 2023

#timeTo which began in 2019 is a partnership between NABS, WACL and The Advertising Association, with a joint mission of eradicating sexual harassment in our industry. 

If you are interested in helping the mission, you can do this in two ways.

1. Endorse the code

  • This means your company agrees to sign up and follow the code of conduct.
  • Your company downloads and shows actionable use of the #timeto toolkit over the next 6 months.
  • Ensure your entire company or senior management book on to the Sexual Harassment training workshop as per the information in point 2, below.  

The APA along with many other agencies and some APA members are supporters of the mission. 

2. Sexual Harassment training

Delivered by NABS’ expert trainers, timeTo training is a genuinely safe space where people from all levels can explore and gain shared clarity of this challenging issue, through real-life inspired case studies and scenarios. 

Course content:

  • What constitutes sexual harassment at work: behaviour that crosses the line and high-risk situations in which it could occur.
  • What to do if you have experienced or witnessed sexual harassment: getting help and support after an incident; the role of the bystander; how to report sexual harassment.
  • Current legislation: the law surrounding sexual harassment at work and how it affects you
  • Responsibilities at an organisational and an individual level: your company policy; how to help stamp out sexual harassment at work

Entire company training costs:

  • Sexual harassment workshop (2hrs) up to 20 attendees via Zoom or In-person: £1295+VAT
  • Sexual harassment awareness session (90 minutes) up to 50 attendees via Zoom: £2495+VAT
  • Sexual harassment awareness session (90 minutes) up to 100 attendees via Zoom: £3495+VAT

To book your company into a session please contact: [email protected]

Individual training costs: 

  • Sexual harassment awareness workshop (2hrs) via Zoom : £65+VAT session per person.

**The next workshop is scheduled to take place Wednesday 29th March 10AM- 12PM. Use the link below to book your place**