Registration Open Now! How To Increase Your Margin Through Strategic Pricing | March 7th

Posted in Training Course, tagged with Seminars, on February 26, 2023

Our next advanced live workshop ‘How To Increase Your Margin Through Strategic Pricing’ which is a part of our ongoing Get Set For Growth training series is NOW open for registration!

This interactive one-day workshop is designed to help you apply pricing theory to everyday scenarios. There will be a quick refresher on the various types of pricing models in use today (ref. Essentials Introduction to Pricing course) then pricing tasks will be set based on real-life client projects.

Through group work, presentation and discussion delegates will learn how to develop a pricing strategy and select the right pricing model for their client, how to apply that model and where the pitfalls might lie.

The workshop will include a production guest speaker who has experience in migrating away from a reliance on the standard production company markup. The workshop will explore ways to provide pricing options enabling you to propose different options to help you engage the client in a wider range of scoping and pricing discussions.

The workshop also explores more advanced pricing models such as performance-related bonuses, and IP / licensing deals, looking at how and when to implement them.

By the end of the workshop, you will learn:

  • What is pricing strategy?
  • How to select the right pricing model for your client
  • How to create and present a pricing proposal How to prepare pricing options
  • How to construct a performance-related pay bonus
  • What are the basics of IP and licensing?


Price: £750 + VAT

Feedback from Rhona & Janet’s Previous Direct To Brand Pricing Module:

“Clear & Insightful”

“It has made me think even further outside the box about pricing and rates”

“Great insights from a knowledgeable team”

“I loved hearing about bonus pricing based on output, I would love to work this into a couple of clients/projects in the near future”

“I found the pros and cons of each pricing model the most useful… and the advice on how to pushback to clients”

“I found the B2B value points the most useful, I could instantly see that we should include more of these in our response decks”