Recruiting Underrepresented Talent Event

Posted in News, on November 19, 2022

What an unbelievable turnout for the second Recruiting Underrepresented Talent Event of the year! With over 200 guests and so many incredible initiatives, diverse talent and proactive production companies all in one place, we had the wheels of business turning! Here is what some of our guests had to say about the night in question:

Thank you for hosting last night’s initiative connecting us with such a great bunch of talented individuals, I had so many wonderful conversations.

SALT.TV is owned and managed by a Pakistani female. Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, I, like many of my non-ethnically diverse collaborators have found that our experience and work benefit greatly from a variety of voices and frames of reference as this eventually adds richness, depth, and authenticity to the work that we create. There is no shortage of diverse talent in London.” – Aziza Bhatia | Managing Director at SALT.TV

It was great to meet such a diverse crowd of professionals both established and up and-coming. Also a nice rare opportunity to approach people and have a nice candid introduction and conversation. Definitely looking forward to the next one” – Jennifer Kidd | Director & Owner at Scale Model Studios

“An amazingly diverse and friendly gathering of people from every part of the industry. It was a brilliant evening to reconnect with friends, and collaborators, and make new connections” – Alexandre Do | Director