APA x TikTok Event

Posted in Events, tagged with Events, on November 17, 2022

Last night APA members were invited to TikTok HQ to learn more about new opportunities the entertainment app presents for the world of advertising. Over the past 12 months, TikTok has been working with agencies and brands on developing their work for the platform, whether that be an extension of a current campaign or even creating stand-alone content for clients such as Bentley. 

Director of Strategy at TikTok Creative Lab, Pip Dunjay took us through the common myths and misconceptions about the app: 

  1. They are just another social media channel 
  2. They are just an app for dancing teenagers  
  3. There is an absence of craft on TikTok 
  4. Branded Creativity is limited 
  5. And there is no one to help

Throughout the presentation, Pip dispelled each myth with impressive statistics and case studies from brands who are already using the massive platform to their advantage and the different ways to reach the user from ‘In Feed Ads’ to ‘Brand Takeover’. We then learned which features, such as ‘Branded Effects’, you can use in your advertising, and how, along with some exciting new product developments.

To learn more about brand impact on lead generation, conversions and more you can find TikTok business case studies here

For anyone interested in using TikTok in their campaigns or have been approached by an agency about this, you can speak directly to the Creative Lab team who will support you with any questions. Please use this link to submit your queries and they will get back to you.