In Person DTB Course ‘Negotiation’ – 10th October

Posted in Front page, News, on September 27, 2022

We are happy to introduce an entirely new course to the DTB Series – ‘Negotiation’ and for the first time this year it will be LIVE & IN-PERSON.

This three hour course will be held on Monday 10th October from 1PM at the APA office (W1F 9SE) and is being led by our two fantastic tutors, Rhona Glazebrook(former Business Development Director for Grey Europe), and Janet Markwick(former Chief Commercial Officer across Grey EMEA & Director of Marketing Communications Investment at Coca-Cola and Sony).

“If you’ve ever wondered how to get into the mind of a brand and their procurement team, Janet Markwick is your secret resource! Her support with rate negotiation enabled us to price against the true value we deliver to our clients, which resulted in a great commercial outcome”

Laura Conway at Creative Blood

Monday 10th October at 1PM
£199 + VAT exclusive to APA Members

This brand new, three-hour module is delivered live by interactive presentation and discussion. The course focuses on how to plan and manage a successful negotiation and includes analysis of real-life negotiation scenarios faced by production companies today. 

Few of us believe that we are master negotiators but the good news is that there are simple tools, methods and strategies that can help us improve our negotiation skills.
Successful negotiations should be a win-win for both parties, so this course starts by understanding who is typically involved in a client negotiation and what drives them.
Many direct to brand negotiations will involve procurement so this module helps you understand the role of procurement role today and the many boxes they have to tick. 
Value is often a big driver for procurement, so this module looks at how to identify and articulate your value in a procurement-friendly way.
The module will also walk you through how to plan a negotiation from start to finish, including assigning roles, what tactics you might keep up your sleeves, how to identify ‘walk away’ points and how to get to the end of the process with a successful outcome.
Course delegates are invited to submit (successful or unsuccessful) negotiation cases as course stimulus. These cases will be de-branded for confidentiality.

Monday 10th October at 1PM
£199 + VAT exclusive to APA Members